Working Remotely and Keeping Track of the Art World

The art world has more or less always been global, but maybe even more so now when a lot of the global population has been forced to work online. In a way the past lockdowns and travel restrictions have made our world larger at the same time as it has shrunk. 

One of the perks of working remotely is that you have relatively more freedom deciding your working hours and breaks. For art lovers, this means that you can visit art museums and galleries on your coffee break in a way that wasn’t possible when being physically present at an office. 

Office at Home

When your office moves into your home, a need to make your work equipment blend in more may arise. Buy custom laptop stickers to make your computer personal and a bit less… dull. Also, find a place to store away your work outside working hours, to not be constantly reminded about work. 

At your breaks, move away from your normal seat. This makes the break feel more like a break, and it is easier to keep it at an adequate length. This is a perfect opportunity to grab a cup of nice coffee, as opposed to the nasty stuff at the office, and stay up to date about developments in the art community. 

Art Online

During the past year, not only you, but also artists have been forced to work digitally. Since galleries have been in lockdown, being present online is imperative for artists who want to survive on their art. This means that you have a large collection of art and artists at your fingertips, all you have to do is to find it.