Do You Keep Losing Stationery at the Office?

Soon, we’ll be going back to our offices, at least part time. And that means that we’ll be returning to everyday annoyances such as the disappearing stationery. I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself sitting without a pen that I had just a few minutes ago. Not to mention the kids at school. The countless number of pens and rubbers we send with them, that just magically vanish, never to be found again. 

But now, after a much needed break from the office and school, I’ve given this careful consideration, and I have found a possible solution that I will be trying come autumn semester. 

Label Everything

And yes, I do mean everything. This is especially important for the kids’ stuff. Every pen, every pencil, every rubber, all the markers, the ruler, the scissors and even the lunch box. 

You’d think children grow out of the annoying habit of losing stuff without giving any thought to it, but no, not really. The same thing happens at the office, more or less. The main difference is that I notice that my stuff is missing and need to go find it to continue my tasks. 

I will order clear custom label stickers with my last name, and use it for both me and the kids. I am thinking that I will make them small enough to fit on a pencil, and when I put them on larger things, I’ll make sure to put them right in the middle where they can’t be missed.