Knowledge Is King

It used to be cash is king, but today that has transformed into knowledge is king. Because the more you know about your customers, the better you can match their interests and grow your business.

Going through all of your marketing channels and checking your customers can be tedious and will in any case take a lot of time. Instead, you’ll want to get a smart marketing tool that can compile the information for you, and present it in a format that will make the most sense to you. Funnel’s tool Google Data Studio connector is just such a tool.

It will help you cross-check your customers from all your sources and then compile business ready data based on your unique selections. Thus, you’ll get the information you need, but without the tedious and hard work to compile it.

Finding Your Next Exhibition

As all gallery owners know, putting on an exhibition is a somewhat risky business. You stake a few weeks of precious time and hope to attract the attention of a crowd with enough interest and money to sell the works you are putting on display.

If you already know what your audience and online followers like and are into, it will be a lot easier to find an artist matching that. It will be beneficial for the both of you, as you have the common interest of selling the works.
As our lives have changed during the past year, you are more likely to attract a crowd by also being present online. And why not put on digital exhibitions as well?