3 Simple Tips that Increase Your Google Ads ROAS

Google ads are powerful. With them, if you know what you’re doing, you could get 5x or more returns. However, most people won’t see these results as they don’t know the three tips I will give you. Each one of them helps you create a better ad campaign.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 – Narrow Your Audience as Much as Possible

That is something many rookies do! Instead of getting specific, they use as many keywords as possible to increase the potential reach. While that might sound like the right thing to do, unfortunately, that leads to lost profits as you cannot create targeted ad copies.

So instead of doing that, try to only a couple of keywords, and create a negative keyword list to only target the people you want.

#2 – Focus on Other Aspects of Your Ad Campaign

Another rookie mistake that many still make is that they solely focus on the Google ad, its ad copy, and how well it converts. While getting cheap clicks is excellent, it won’t help if your landing page isn’t on par with your ads.

That leads to getting many cheap clicks while little to no conversions. So don’t make that mistake and focus on the other aspects of the ad campaign.

#3 – Focus on Increasing Your Quality Score

Do you know the secret to getting cheap clicks, leads, and conversions? It’s easy! It’s by increasing your quality score. But what is it exactly? Basically, it’s the indicator of how well your ad performs.

If you’re ad converts a more significant percentage of traffic into clicks, then Google will reward you for your performance. So make sure your ads are relevant!


And those are three simple tips for increasing your ROAS. However, if you want another piece of advice for improving google ads roas, then I recommend you to use Kuvio! It collects all your sales data from different integrations and calculates accurate profit margins, giving you invaluable insight.