Multiply Your Art

I have a few paintings that are my favourites, and I am sure you do too. Because, honestly, not everything we create comes out exactly like we had imagined it, right? But sometimes, it does, and we seem to get everything right. And in those moments, we create magic. 

For me, just by looking at those paintings, I can remember the feeling of bliss, wild creativity and that wonderful feeling of getting every brushstroke just perfect. To be able to bring that feeling with me and recreate it whenever needed, I decided to use to transfer my painting to stickers. That is an easy way to bring my art into my day job and hopefully let some of the creativity spill over into daily tasks. 

Decorate Your Office

Not all of us have our own offices, but at least we do have a cubicle that we call ours. And even if you don’t want to hang a lot of paintings on your walls, stickers are perfect. They can be placed on your notice board, on your laptop, on your whiteboard, and of course on any note books. 

By being able to sneak a peek on something truly beautiful you can spice up any grey and boring day. Even long Zoom meetings feel a bit more endurable if you can rest your eyes on a piece of art. And if you have created it on your own, you are even more likely to feel inspired by it.