3 Essential Tips for Creating Custom Stickers

Making Custom Stickers is a great hobby to have. With it, you can express yourself most creatively. However, if you want your expressions to look great, it’s crucial to know some necessary information.

And to help you out with this, we’ve created this blog post. Here, you’ll learn the three essential tips for creating unique stickers. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 – Keep Your Design Simple

When designing anything, you should always try to keep it simple. And stickers are no exception! With stickers, you want to be careful how much you add detail as it could over clutter it.

So try to not add too much detail. Additionally to that, limit your color choices to make it look professional.

#2 – Use Vector to Design Your Stickers

Another essential thing about designing your stickers is what files you’re using. Most of the time, you don’t want to create a picture. That’s because they won’t look that great when printed out.

So instead, export your design in a vector file or a high-resolution picture. That way, you won’t get any blurry stickers on printing.

#3 – Use a Great Printing Company for Printing Your Stickers

If you aren’t an avid sticker hobbyist, you probably don’t have the necessary equipment to print and cut your stickers in the best quality possible. So instead of investing hundreds of dollars in equipment, we highly recommend using a great printing company.

You’ll get your stickers printed cheaply with them while using good quality materials.


And those were the three essential tips! If you follow all of them, you’ll probably make an amazing sticker. However, if you’re looking for an excellent sticker printing company, we suggest printing your custom stickers from Stickerapp! They make it highly affordable for anyone to use! So check them out.