DIY: Pop Art

You don’t have to be Roy Lichtenstein or Any Warhol to create pop-art. Quite the contrary actually, since they have both passed away. Great as they were, there is room for more creations and artists within that field of art. The term pop is short for popular, as in popular culture and the movement started in the mid -50’s as a reaction to what was called “fine art”. Works in pop art often use imagery from mass produced items, advertisements, books or films. The kitschy and banal elements of society are highlighted, a lot of the time with ironic undertones.  

As I have said before, you don’t have to be a professional artist to create art. If you let loose your creativity and make something unique, that is art. It may not collect a lot of money, but that isn’t really the point of art, at least not for me.

An Easy Beginners Project

Ever heard of decoupage? It is when you glue pieces of paper, often torn from magazines or newspapers, to an object to give it a new look. Often it is labelled craft, but what’s the difference between art and crafts, really? 

Well, to make it even simpler, get your hands on some customizable stickers and make a “sort of decoupage but not really” piece of art. Place the stickers out, arrange and rearrange them until you are satisfied with your creation. Then just peel the paper and stick them on. By using a canvas or a piece of paper as a background, you can easily frame it and hang it on your wall.