How to Decide What to Exhibit

Any gallery owner can witness that one of the most difficult decisions they face is what exhibitions to put on. It should be interesting and fresh while at the same time also appealing to a large enough audience. And of course, the art work should also be sold, hopefully. 

There are two main components involved in the decision making process. The art and the audience. I will discuss those two components below. 

The Art

Finding interesting artists and works to display tends to be the easier of the two parts. In part, this is due to the fact that most gallery owners are interested in art and keep a close eye on the art scene and what is up and coming. 

A good curator knows that varying well-known audiences with new talents will provide the audience with both familiar works and new and fresh takes. Hopefully the audience will gain new favourites from this as well. 

The Audience

The audience is most often the difficult part. Especially since the gallery owner wants to expand the existing audience with new possible customers. Good digital marketing tools can provide important insight about customers and simplify marketing activities. 

Reaching a large audience with a message especially designed for them with just a few minutes of work sounds amazing to anyone who is used to spending hours and hours on getting the message across.  

With a good digital tool it is also easy to learn more about the customers. Knowing them will help finding good matches among all possible artists and will help create successful exhibitions.