Why one may want to book a venue in Copenhagen?

Did you know Copenhagen is the happiest city globally, according to multiple pools? The Danish capital is home to unique Scandinavian culture, diversity, and inclusivity and has a remarkable cultural and architectural heritage. 

If you consider Copenhagen for your next event or conference, here is why that might be a great idea.

Attractions for attendees

Conference attendees are looking for networking and looking forward to extra-curricular activities past the official part. Again, Copenhagen shines, offering many world-class attractions like Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid stature, Rosenborg Castle, Nyhavn, Church of Our Savior, and many others.

Cycling, vibe, architecture

The Danish capital has well-preserved historic architecture and famous canals complementing numerous landmarks. In addition, the city has a great vibe and entrepreneurship climate, and if you book venues in Copenhagen, you can experience that unique Danish casual yet determined business style.

Danish cuisine

Copenhagen is the top place to find exquisite restaurants where you can experience Danish cuisine. The capital city has 14 Michelin-star restaurants and numerous others that offer top-class service. Outside of a restaurant, you should try hot dogs, a popular fast food in Denmark. In addition, you should try some other traditional meals, including smørrebrød, stegt flæsk, and famous Danish pastries.

Great public transport

You can visit most Copenhagen attractions on foot. However, the bike is the most popular means of transport in the city, and Copenhagen is incredibly well adjusted for cycling. Public transportation is also highly developed with metro, trains, and buses. So guests at your event shouldn’t have trouble getting around the city.