Sticker art

Street art is very varied. One of its directions is sticker art. Artists draw stickers, print them, and then place them on walls, buses, notice boards, and even on the facades of houses. How is this process, seemingly simple and uncomplicated, related to art?

Stickers as art

Clear stickers are small and short-lived pictures. They are quickly removed and put in the same place several times. Stickers get damaged by bad weather and don’t stay in their place for long. But that’s their advantage.

Sticker art shows that street art is alive right now. Graffiti can last for years, and stickers will always inform you about only the most relevant things.

Plus, unlike creating graffiti, there is no danger in clear sticker art. If you want, any stickers can be removed without a trace in a few minutes.

Stickers as self-expression

By putting stickers on, first of all, artists are trying to tell people about themselves. It is a more artistic version of the inscription “Here I was,” allowing you to tell a little about his person. Of course, with the help of stickers people are engaged in self-expression. Creating non-serious images on any subject gives a huge scope for creativity.

Order clear custom label stickers to let the world see your work in the most seemingly unexpected places. Often stickers are also ordered for advertising, in support of sports teams, or simply wanting to tell the world some important information.

There are many ways to use them in sticker art. The main thing is to get started.