Welcome to my blog about arts, artists and art galleries! I am a practicing artist and an art enthusiast, so art is a massive part of my life. In this blog I want to share my passion and interest in art, with blog posts about exhibitions that I have visited or that are taking place, about artists I have read about or whose exhibitions I have seen, and about any topics related to art in general. If you share my passion, follow my blog and you will always find something new to read about the amazing world of art.

First, you will find information about galleries and exhibitions. I travel a lot, so I talk about galleries that I have visited, or will visit, or want to visit. I am constantly adding to my long list of them. I also talk about exhibitions that are taking place in museums all over the world, and the major art events like biennales and art fairs. So if you are an art lover looking for travel ideas, you have come to the right place! I am always seeking to know more about artists, so I also write posts about my favourite artists, or new and emerging talents I have just learnt about. Finally, I write about topics related to arts, decoration, and design, which can be anything I happen to be interested in at that moment.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to send me your thoughts!