Recent work by Brian Cypher, Jessica Drenk and Alan Bur Johnson

January 8th - February 14th, 2009

We’re starting the New Year with an intriguing exhibition by three artists new to the
gallery, Jessica Drenk and Alan Bur Johnson, both based in Arizona, and Pacific
Northwest native Brian Cypher. The three artists each have a talent for transforming
mundane everyday objects  into beautifully subtle work. Their employ of repetitive imagery
gives the work a hypnotic rhythm which is easy on the eye and unites the show.

Brian Cypher’s original monotypes are quietly cool. They possess a great sense of
motion which is easy to say but hard to achieve in 2-dimensional work. This is confident
work. The wide ribbon imagery in the monotypes have laid-back ease, enhanced by a
minimal color palette of black, white, brown or deep blue. Brian took first place for his
monotypes in Seattle’s Columbia City Gallery’s national juried show in September 2008.

We’re presenting selections from two bodies of work by sculptor Jessica Drenk,
Porcelain Skins and Reading Our Remains. In the former, Jessica took household
items - cotton balls, q-tips, mop heads and gauze and dipped them in pure white
porcelain sculpture. The work from Reading Our Remains is part of a 130-piece
installation of altered book sculpture designed for and originally exhibited at the
University of Arizona Library. The sculpted books are primarily altered with wax.
In 2006, Jessica was awarded the prestigious International Sculpture Center’s
Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture and graduated
with an MFA in 3-D from the University of Tucson, AZ, in 2007.

In the Swarms series, Alan Bur Johnson arranged hundreds of photographic transparencies
of insect wings and brain scans - which are remarkably similar visually - into wall-
mounted sculpture. The work glides into motion with the smallest breeze and the effect
is pure magic. Alan was a long-time Seattle resident and earned a BFA in printmaking from
the University of Washington.



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