The Berlin Paintings, Drake Dekntatel

January 4th - February 3rd, 2007

For the last twelve years of his life Drake maintained two art studios, one in Berlin, Germany and one in Seattle. Our show features his abstract paintings produced in 2003. Drake reveled in Berlin’s highly charged and intellectualized art scene, and the exuberance he felt there is evident in this body of work. This is the first time his Berlin work is being shown in the U.S.

"Almost from the moment I first laid eyes on his work, I considered Drake Deknatel among the best living painters in the United States. As it turned out, he didn't have to make those paintings in America to maintain that estimation. His untimely passing robbed us of a talent at once distinctive and summative, mature and restless. Damn, I miss him." -- Peter Frank, Senior Curator, Riverside (CA) Art Museum, and art critic, Angeleno Magazine and the LA Weekly

From the Berlin Series, aliphatic urethane, ground pigment, Drake Deknatel, 2007


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