Untitled, Wedding Dress
12’ x 6’ x 6’, Nöle Giulini

Lynne Saad, Rachel Illingworth and Nöle Giulini

November 17th – December 31st, 2005

Lynne Saad’s whimsical mixed media paintings on playing cards from the ‘Deal With It’ series are an autobiographical record of her life and the people, friends and events in it.

Australian native Rachel Illingworth is a master printmaker. Her sophisticated use of color makes her work contemporary yet classic. Rachel creates her beautiful, multi-layered monoprints on an etching press, with each piece going through the press 15-20 times. The result is richly detailed imagery, inspired by her recent visit to the lush Ho Rain Forest on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

Nöle Giulini's 'Untitled, Wedding Dress' was created entirely from used men's and women's undergarments. It was created as a metaphor for the 'used laundry' most everyone brings to relationships. The wedding dress was created for a national traveling exhibition in 1994, and remains as thought-provoking today.


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