It’s All Good

May 5 - June 2, 2011

Curtis Steiner, Karen Rudd, Justin Lytle, Allyce Wood, Teresa Redden, Nicholas Brown, Brian Cypher and Colleen Hayward.

Karen Rudd is featured on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy.

Review: It's All Good, The Seattle Times, May 6th, 2011.

photo:Jyh-Lurn Chang

Catherine Person Gallery is pleased to announce It’s All Good, a paper survey featuring eight Northwest artists. The show will be a collection of work that utilizes paper as a medium, both as a substrate and as sculpture material.

Artist/designer Curtis Steiner has long been a big name in Seattle’s creative community. The Seattle Art Museum has shown an installation by Steiner and they have his piece, titled 1000 Blocks, in their permanent collection. Steiner will be exhibiting a hand-made sculpture made from crepe and tissue paper that recalls 18th and early 19th century British botanical arrangements.

This is Karen Rudd’s second show with Catherine Person. Rudd studied sculpture at the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle and has since participated in numerous exhibitions in Oregon and Washington, including her stellar solo show at the OK Hotel in 2010. Her labor-intensive tree stumps from recycled cardboard reference the most durable elements in the Pacific Northwest forests and act as commentary on the use of natural resources.

Justin Lytle graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2009 and this will be his fourth show with Catherine Person. Lytle has also participated in other exhibitions in Seattle, including Western Bridge (2009) and the invitational Mad Art in the Park, curated by Brian Ohno. Lytle has experimented extensively with altering books, turning their pages from flat printed sheets into waterfalls of gradated paper spilling forth from their former covers. In this show, Lytle will introduce some new work that interacts with the surrounding architecture.

Allyce Wood earned her degree from Cornish College of the Arts in 2010. Wood has exhibited at SOIL and Catherine Person in Seattle and has shown at the Grace Fyfe and Newberry Galleries in Glasgow, Scotland. Wood is known for her innovative sculpture in paper. Woods’ work in this show will be recreations of northwestern pine tree branches based upon memory. Each pine cone and twig is an individual painting that was cut from its sheet and combined in mass to 'build the branch' as a tree would grow it.

Teresa Redden has degrees in design and metalsmithing from the University of Kansas and Cranbrook Academy of Art and has participated in three exhibitions at Catherine Person, as well as many other exhibitions across the country and at The Edge Cooperative Gallery in Vancouver, BC. Redden creates intricate sculptures out of cut paper rings, minute geometric shapes which seemingly undulate with the rhythm of their elaborate patterns.

Complementing the three-dimensional works is a large print by Nicholas Brown. His crisp linoleum block prints of black ink on white paper flatten his undergrowth landscapes into complex patterns where the texture and depth is created only by his use of light and dark. Brown has exhibited nationally in a number of galleries, has participated in six exhibitions at the International Print Center in New York City, shown at the Tacoma Art Museum and at the Austin Museum of Art in Texas. A piece from his Underbrush series is in the New York Public Library’s permanent print collection.

Brian Cypher has shown with Catherine Person previously and currently has a solo show of paintings and drawings at The Living Room on Seattle's Capital Hill. His monoprints utilize subdued, monochromatic palettes to render playfully rhythmic patterns. Cypher’s monoprints took 1st place at the annual Columbia City Gallery’s national annual competition several years ago.

Colleen Hayward studied art at the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Indiana and has shown her work across the U.S., including shows at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, the Greater Lafayette Museum of Art in Indiana and a solo exhibition at the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts. Hayward's paintings on paper are frequently done while on her international travels and are drawn from the characteristics of specific locations. She uses ink and paint on paper to create abstract geometric compositions whose tension comes from the balance and direction of their brushstrokes.



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