January 28 – February 26, 2011

Hannah Alex-Glasser, Brenda Mallory, Jacqueline Will.

Artists’ Reception: First Thursday, February 3rd, 6-8pm

We're pleased to announce Cumulus, featuring Northwest artists Hannah Alex-Glasser, Brenda Mallory and Jacqueline Will. The varied works by the three artists express themes of nature, humanity and the process of creation. Brenda Mallory’s sculptures bring to mind the subtly imperfect geometry of nature. Her sculpture is made from recurrent forms of smooth encaustic on cloth, burned into shape to form a crude surface like leather, then studded with blackened nuts and bolts. The shapes that form each sculpture have minimal differences that result in unexpected rhythms and patterns in the work. Mallory draws inspiration from natural forms and microscopic images in scientific textbooks and publications. She is based in Portland and has shown in numerous exhibitions, including Tower Fine Art Gallery in New York city and Doppler PDX in Portland, Oregon.

The ceramic sculptures of Hannah Alex-Glasser are also deeply organic. Delicate and intricate, her pieces display the intense layering one would expect to see in rock formations, cliff faces or petrified wood as a result of stratification and erosion over time. She leaves the clay unglazed,
which allows the sculpture to retain its natural color, altered only by dark marks made from pit firing in open flame. Alex-Glasser came to clay sculpture as a second art medium following an international career as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. She is primarily self-taught in clay sculpture, drawing on her extensive visual arts training and experience as a dance artist. This is Alex-Glasser's third exhibition at the gallery. For Alex-Glasser CV, images and artist statement, please go to her artist page.

Jacqueline Will produces graphite drawings on intaglio monotypes with bright, abstracted color fields of gouache. Her series Rose Theory combines abstracted chaos with the discipline of finely skilled drawing, symbolically “planting roses” in the face of adversity. Will has an extensive resume, with numerous exhibitions on both coasts including the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pa, the Portland Art Museum in Oregon and the 20th National Los Angeles Printmaking Society exhibition at the LA Municipal Art Gallery, juried by legendary California art critic Peter Frank.



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