March 3 – April 2, 2011

Rachel Illingworth, Chris Haddad and Kim Van Someren.

Artist's work l-r: ©Kim Van Someren, ©Chris Haddad and ©Rachel Illingworth, photo:Jyh-Lurn Chang.
Rachel Illingworth’s monoprints create a landscape of ethereal geometric shapes that float over layers of muted colors. With an average number of fourteen passes through the press, the monoprint imagery references cosmic, aquatic and cellular surroundings. Illingworth makes her print plate from heavy duty varnished cardboard, a technique that she learned while earning her art degree at the University of Tasmania in Australia Contained is Illingworth’s 6th show with Catherine Person, including a solo show, ‘Botanica’. She’s shown at the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle and Wuhan Art Museum in China. Please go to her Artist page for more information.
The polished steel sculptures of Chris Haddad are reminiscent of native canoes, rendered abstract. Haddad maintains an interest in objects which are timeless in their cultural relevance but he alters the forms, reducing their familiarity through abstraction. The skeletal hulls are like the frameworks of classically built ships that have been reshaped, polished or worn, reducing them to their essential forms. The ‘Hull’ series will be shown suspended from the gallery’s 18’ tall ceilings. Haddad will also show steel sculpture from his Totem series, on custom bases fabricated by the artist. This is Haddad’s 3rd show with Catherine Person. His work was selected for two of the City of Bellevue’s recent juried outdoor sculpture exhibitions, ‘Bellwether’ 2010 and ‘Sculpted Green’, in 2008. Haddad is an architect with Suyama Peterson Deguchi in Seattle. Download a pdf of his resume. Download a pdf of his statement.
Printmaker Kim Van Someren’s work bridges the gap between the imagined geometrical-scapes of Illingworth and the reinvented forms of Haddad. Her etchings depict architectural shapes through the repetition of small, controlled lines, which create the illusion of three-dimensional planes and of textured building material. Van Someren’s structures reference all manner of actual buildings, but are themselves constructions that could not exist: top-heavy and off center, skewed, twisted and held aloft by improbable supports. Her gravity-defying buildings could inhabit a fairytale, with an unbalanced logic all their own. She has previously had solo shows at Gage Art Academy and Print Zero Studio in Seattle and participated in the Seattle Oaxaca Invitational Exhibition at Indigo Gallery in Oaxaca, Mexico. Van Someren instructs print making and other mediums of art at the University of Washington, Frye Art Museum and Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle. Contained is Van Someren’s first show with Catherine Person. Download a pdf of her resume. Download pdf of her artist statement.
Contained will showcase the imaginative quality of these artist’s work, all of which takes the familiar and alters it, showing us elements of architecture, geometry and cultural artifacts as seen through the artists’ individual creative processes.



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