Swinging Shrine Nancheng District Road,
2010, acrylic gouache on paper
30” x 22”, $1,800 framed

Dongguan Highways Hot Pink

Timothy Siciliano

September 2 – October 9, 2010

Seattle Weekly cover
Seattle Times Review
Seattle Weekly Review
Visual Art Source Review, by Joey Veltkamp

Catherine Person Gallery celebrates our fifth anniversary with a solo exhibition by Seattle artist Timothy Siciliano.

Siciliano’s paintings in acrylic gouache are populated with an intense array of carnival characters, some dressed, some not, including self-portraits of the artist in the nude along with giraffes, rabbits, octopus and kangaroos in play along a network of highways that run through a surreal landscape of temples, shrines and factories. Pop surrealism collides with pop culture and drab freeways contrast with wild dream-like figures in hot pinks and red, neon orange and electric blue.

Completing the show is sculpture painted with figurative imagery and handmade Chinese hanging lanterns in hot pink. Siciliano's created a fabulous day-glo environment.

Siciliano’s psychedelic muse is Dongguan, an industrial district in Guangdong province due east of Hong Kong. He’s visited the region a number of times during the past decade, working with the factories who produce his exclusive designs for major clients including MoMa NYC, Sony Plaza Japan, The Chicago Art Institute  and Urban Outfitters.

Siciliano writes, 'Dongguan Highways Hot Pink is a new body of work of paintings on paper and mixed media sculptures. They depict a hallucinatory landscape of industry and decadence while traveling across the endless freeways on my many visits to Guangdong province, in southern China. It is the “Heart of Darkness” of the new industrial age.  Hundreds of thousands of factories line the freeways burning the eyes and senses.  Through this smoky haze psychotic visions of human & animal sacrifice, freeway altars and alien deities create a glitzy carnival of dehumanization. It is the “Wild West” of the new century.’

In 1992 Siciliano became a NEA Fellow for his work on paper and he became a Lannan Foundation grant recipient in 1995. The King County Arts Commission, the Washington State Arts Commission and the Seattle Arts Commission have awarded Siciliano contracts for his sculpture. The City of Seattle, City of Issaquah and Washington State have his work in their collections as does the Smithsonian Institution.



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