Unexpected Opportunity, Lynne Saad

February 19th - March 21st, 2009

Catherine Person Gallery is proud to announce a solo exhibition by Seattle painter Lynne Saad titled ‘Unexpected Opportunity’.

The work is autobiographical and comprised of nineteen imaginary portraits of women who each have a story to tell. Though the work serves as a personal memoir to the artist, the iconic imagery is universal in its message.

Unexpected Opportunity clearly reflects the artists' positive outlook on life despite the fact that she's approaching her third year of living with stage-4 cancer. With this work Lynne has visually declared her glass half-full and deals with end-of-life issues from a position of strength and gratitude and grace.

Back in the summer of 2006 when Lynne was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer, doctors advised her to use her remaining time to get her affairs in order. Lynne’s discipline as a painter has pulled her through the numerous mental and challenges of declining health. And though she’s been in weekly chemotherapy since being diagnosed, she’s painted more than 40 paintings, with half of them shown in her virtually sold-out show in 2008 and the rest painted in the past year.

The new work speaks volumes about her situation. In 'Bound' the figure is wrapped from shoulder to toe in a huge white ribbon tied with a bow, beautiful but unable to move. In 'We Don't Know' a woman is blind-folded yet has a knowing Mona Lisa smile and in ‘Saying Goodbye is a Serious Matter’, a swarm of butterflies engulfs the figure. The paintings have dreamy symbolic imagery and reflect the artist's resolve to simply trust - and let go.

Lynne taught art to high school students in the Seattle and North Shore school districts for thirty years and retired in 2002 to paint full time. She was beloved by generations of students and was known for her talent, wit and creative outlook on life. Lynne has a Masters degree in Art Education from the University of Washington and was voted Washington States’ high school art teacher of the year by her peers. She will attend the Opening Reception. Additional images for the show can be viewed in Lynne's portfolio in Artists.



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