Hannah Alex-Glasser and Julie Alexander

September 3rd - October 3rd, 2009

Catherine Person Gallery is pleased to present abstract paintings by Julie Alexander and ceramic sculpture by Hannah Alex-Glasser. The work is modern, minimalist and connected by their reference to landscape.

Julie Alexander’s luminous oil paintings are created with so many fine layers of grid lines that the canvas surface is rendered nearly invisible. Only the edges of the canvas reveal the numerous layers of color applied in each painting. The work is calming and invites the viewer to pause, reflect and enjoy the subtly patterned surface that varies with each painting. Alexander earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Washington and participated in Artist Trusts EDGE program and her work is in the King County Portable Works Collection and Neiman Marcus art collection in Bellevue, WA. She lives and works in Seattle.

'I paint layered grids that are explorations of and through material. Basic to that exploration is the relationship of line to color to shape to edge to skin, and viewer to an environment. The landscape and the way we view it places us, tells us who we are. The act of painting tells a story and covers it up. The lines assert and deny narrative. These paintings explore emotional color and repetitive intent and, like all my work, have a persistent woven impulse. I place myself in a lineage of artists whose work is contemplative with a simple and direct approach to materials, whose internal logic places the viewer’s whole self in relation to the art. Where the viewer and the art both inform and reflect each other.' - Julie Alexander, 2009

Hannah Alex-Glasser’s sculpture is painstakingly hand-built with thin, innumerable layers of clay, first kiln fired unglazed, and then chance-marked by pit-firing outdoors. It’s amazing that any of the gravity-defying work survives the intense firing process. One can see the intensely layered work and would be easy to trust the artist has nerves of steel and as high a tolerance for risk as a tight-rope walker. Alex-Glasser is self-taught in sculpture and is based in the San Juan Islands.

This is the second exhibition at Catherine Person Gallery for both of the Northwest artists. Sculpture by Hannah Alex-Glasser can be viewed in Artists. The work in this exhibition by Julie Alexander are listed below.



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