Strata, Hannah Alex-Glasser

April 3rd - March 10th, 2008

Hannah Alex-Glasser makes meticulously layered, naturally shaped clay sculpture. Each piece is fired twice, first in the kiln & then pit fired, creating random markings on the unglazed subtle-toned work.

Alex-Glasser's sculpture possesses a timeless quality, as thought it could have been created recently or excavated from an ancient site. There is an immense pleasure in viewing work an artist has spent countless hours with and the work in STRATA provides an opportunity to slow down and observe. The endless patterning in the work is mesmerizing. Though the artist is mainly self-taught in her work with clay, the work is sophisticated and finely resolved. Alex-Glasser first career was as a classically trained professional dancer, which is reflected in the graceful shapes her work possesses.



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