Everything I Ever Loved (in no particular order), Lynne Saad

February 14th - March 15th, 2008

The exhibition features paintings on playing cards stitched together like a quilt & 'Served', an installation of painted ceramic plates. The figurative imagery serves as the artist's journal complete with real & imaginary people, places, dreams and mantras. A cabin in the San Juans, her husband's love for buying cars, the family cat, and chandeliers make frequent appearances along with a host of friends, relatives and gravity defying objects. Her work is a celebration of life in all its manifestations and a testimony to the ability of making things happen by painting the picture first. Lynne's interview with Seattle Channel 21's new program Artzone 'In Studio with Nancy Guppy' is available for viewing online at www.seattlechannel.org.



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