For Our Readers

Dawn Cerny, Deborah Lawrence
and Leo Morrissey.

March 16th - April 28th, 2007

This exhibition features work on paper in different mediums, with text as the central unifier.

Dawn Cerny's 17' x 8' installation was inspired by a mid-Victorian magazine, 'Notes & Queries'. The first half of the magazine is questions from readers, all kinds of minutiae presented in no apparent order. The second half is answers sent from readers, pertaining to previous issues. Dawn's installation has 63 question & answers, covering everthing from obscure writers to President Lincoln.

Deborah Lawrence's collages span two series of work, Utopia and Tend & Befriend, which invoke a central theme of creating a better world through collective social conscience. Leo Morrissey's books are hand-sculpted with his self-portrait, and cover everything from travel to social injustice to a full set of encyclopedias.

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